The Queensland Quiz – Ten Questions to test your knowledge

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He was Queensland’s shortest serving Premier…

A. Anderson Dawson              B. Gordon Chalk                C. Arthur Macalister


Sleek City Cats have all been given Indigenous names for places on, or overlooking, the Brisbane River. The City Cat BINKENBAH refers to what location?

A.  New Farm                         B. Bowen Hills                   C. Milton Reach


The original name proposed for the Story Bridge was…

A. Empire Bridge                  B. Jubilee Bridge               C. Forgan Smith Bridge


The Queensland colonial mansion SANS SOUCI was better known in more recent times as…

A. Cairnsville, New Farm     B. Hansworth House, East Brisbane    C. Palma Rosa, Hamilton


Shafston House was inspired by a place in the West Indies. Where in the West Indies?

A. Trinidad                           B. Nevis                            C. Jamaica


Cooee was a call of the Australian Bush, except on the Brisbane River. Here, it was…

A. A ferry                             B. Flying Boat                  C. Name for floating Baths


The only surviving statue of Queen Victoria in Queensland can be found in…

A. Queen Park                     B. Queens Gardens           C. Queens Place


A major disaster on the Brisbane River involved a vessel named for a precious stone. Was it…

A. Capsizing of Topaz          B. Capsizing of Pearl         C. Capsizing of emerald


This Lord Mayor of Brisbane was NOT a State Politician. Was it…

A. Frank Roberts                 B. Roy Hervey                 C. Bryan Walsh


Italian-born architect Andrea Stombucco gave Brisbane which of the following…

A. St. Matthew’s Church, Grovely    B. Churchie, East Brisbane    C. The Moreton Club, New Farm

The Queensland Quiz Crossword – July 2016

Click on the ANSWER BAR when completed…but don’t look at the answers just yet!

Crossword template

3. Sadly no longer a feature of the Brisbane River, in which locality was the Zoo and Aquarium located?

5. This tranquil riverside reserve is a place of many trees.

6. In the 1930’s this winged creature was a frequent visitor.

8. A famous rowing regatta called the …..of the River.

10. This towered villa looks down on the Brisbane River.

11. The opera diva Dame Nellie Melba began her Australian tour in this suburb.

12. This explorer gave the Brisbane River its European name.

13. A Reach of the Brisbane River that acknowledges the first Australians.



1. An unlikely name for a Reach of the Brisbane River and star of the movie SPLASH.

2. One of Brisbane’s forgotten suburbs.

4. This curious structure in Moreton Bay was rammed by a warship.

7.For many Brisbaneites, an enchanting place for a riverside picnic.

9.Historic Naldham House is best remembered for an ornate tower called a…..